Schlumberger Launches its FloScan Imager System

Schlumberger Oilfield Services has launched of its FloScan Imager horizontal and deviated well production logging system. The system is optimized for three-phase production logging that provides customers with a complete flow analysis of complex downhole environments.

The FloScan Imager system is designed to run eccentralized, or against the wellbore wall, facilitating its conveyance in highly deviated and horizontal wells. This ensures proper deployment of its sensors across the vertical axis and allows measurements of each phase velocity and holdup. Conventional production logging tools were developed for vertical or near-vertical wells and therefore cannot give effective answers when confronted with the complex flow environment of highly deviated wells.

"Armed with complete knowledge of the downhole flow regime, customers can make informed decisions to optimize production strategies or perform remedial workovers," said John Cadenhead, FloScan Imager product manager, Schlumberger Oilfield Services. "The FloScan Imager system has provided crucial in-flow profile information in field tests performed in West Africa, the Middle East and the North Sea."

The FloScan Imager system uses innovative electrical probes that distinguish between water and hydrocarbon hold-up and optical probes that differentiate between gas and liquid hold-up, enabling a full three-phase hold-up to be measured. Situated at the same depth as the optical and electrical probes are five, approximately 1-in. diameter spinners that measure phase velocity, which in turn is used to calculate a multiphase velocity profile. This, when combined with the multiphase hold-up profile, permits the calculation of multiphase flow rates in real time to permit customers to maximize well production.

Fully combinable with other cased-hole logging tools, the FloScan Imager system operates in temperatures and pressures up to 300°F and 15,000 psi, and can be run in hole sizes ranging from 2 7/8-in. to more than 9-in. on wireline, coiled tubing or as an integral part of the MaxTRAC* downhole well tractor system.