DNO Says Drilling on Neheb-1 Well in Final Stages

Drilling of the Neheb-1 well in block 43, Yemen is now in the final stages. Hydrocarbon indications were observed in three zones during drilling in the interval 1996 - 2011 meters. The hydrocarbon indications correspond to those observed in Nabrajah-1, which later produced oil during testing.

Neheb-1 has reached a depth of approximately 2045 meters. Another 200 meters remain to be drilled under the planned drilling program. Well logging will subsequently be carried out.

The observed hydrocarbon indications in Neheb-1 are assumed to be related to Qishn sandstone, the geological formation found in Nabrajah-1 and in the reservoirs in the Tasour and Sharyoof fields in blocks 32 and 53, respectively.

DNO is operator and holds a 50% interest in the license.