Texen Oil & Gas Identifies 7 Gulf Coast Workover Candidates

Texen Oil and Gas reports that its Coastline Operations has identified seven workover candidates on the company's properties to begin reservoir analysis. Coastline's team of engineers has begun the engineering phase and reservoir analysis on 4 workover candidates in the Helen Gohlke field and 3 workover candidates on the Brookshire property located in the Brookshire Salt Dome.

"We are very happy with the progress of our operations since Coastline has joined our team. Coastline brings highly seasoned engineers and geologists and has one of the best reservoir engineers in the state currently evaluating our properties. Both the Helen Gohlke and the Brookshire property offer excellent potential for rework and this phase of engineering will help us pinpoint the best calculated potential for our next several well locations," states Michael Sims, Vice President of Texen Oil and Gas.

In addition, we have successfully received state approval for the Charles Kuester salt water disposal well.