Hydro Selects WesternGeco for North Sea Q-Marine Survey

WesternGeco has been awarded a contract by Norsk Hydro to conduct acquisition and processing of two 3D surveys over the Oseberg field, offshore Norway.

Using the Q-Marine(1) single-sensor marine seismic system, the 4D project, scheduled to begin this month, repeats heritage surveys over areas of approximately 906 and 191 square kilometers.

"We chose WesternGeco Q-Technology(1) for this important monitor survey because of the advantages of active steering to best match the source and receiver positions of the heritage surveys, and to improve safety and enhance cost efficiency while working adjacent to our platforms," said Jens-Petter Kvarstein, geophysical operations manager, Hydro. "We also expect the high-resolution Q(1) survey to provide improved knowledge of the field for asset management and reduced development risk."

The Q-Technology vessel, Geco Topaz, towing six 3600-meter cables with spreads of 750 meters and 500 meters, and utilizing the WesternGeco proprietary calibrated Q-Marine source, will conduct the surveys.

"The high repeatability of Q-Marine surveys, coupled with its superior resolution, makes Q the only true 4D Ready technology for reservoir monitoring," said Roar Bekker, manager, WesternGeco Europe. "Also, the Q-Marine active steering will reduce the necessity of infill and provide better coverage around the three platforms in the survey areas."

Q is the WesternGeco proprietary suite of advanced seismic technologies for enhanced reservoir location, description and management.