Statoil Acquires Geoscience Solutions from Paradigm

Paradigm has signed a five-year contract with Statoil for its advanced solutions, running on the new epos(tm) 3.0 data management and interoperability integration framework. The epos infrastructure provides a shared environment for the entire E&P interpretation workflow, leading to unprecedented workflow efficiencies and significantly enhanced personal productivity.

After a thorough evaluation, Statoil decided to choose Paradigm solutions for both its mainstream well petrophysics interpretation processes and its time-depth conversion workflows.

Time-depth conversion is a critical step within the interpretation workflow, due to the increasing complexity and depth of geological targets and the growing need for accuracy. Erik Gundersen, Statoil's Senior Discipline Coordinator, said, "We believe that Paradigm's Explorer(tm) system offers a powerful time-depth conversion solution. The integration of well and seismic information, together with geophysical and mapping tools, geostatistics and uncertainty assessment, provide our geoscientists with the means to generate velocity models and convert the original time interpretation."

Paradigm's industry-leading Geolog(r) petrophysics software was chosen for its advanced technology, easy learning curve and scalability. Sten Ola Rasch, Senior Discipline Coordinator at Statoil, noted, "We think Geolog will improve productivity in many of our strategic work processes. Geolog provides key tools for single well analysis and field studies. Paradigm has demonstrated flexibility and willingness to adapt the product to Statoil's requirements."

Paradigm's flexible infrastructure was an important contributing factor to Statoil's decision. Thomas Halland, Project Manager for deployment, said, "Thanks to Paradigm's ability to integrate into legacy systems and directly connect to existing third-party databases, the Paradigm solutions can be deployed rapidly in a non-disruptive manner, so that we can keep our business running during the transition period."

Paradigm managers expressed their satisfaction in making an important contribution to Statoil's effectiveness, while strengthening relations with a major player in the industry. Steve Hunt, Managing Director of Paradigm EAME, said, "We at Paradigm see our customers as partners throughout the sale, installation and use of our products, and we work together with them to provide support and customization to their needs. The ongoing collaboration between our top-level R&D teams and major industry players like Statoil, keeps our users at the cutting edge of geoscience E&P software technology."