Shell Comes Up Dry Offshore Norway

A/S Norske Shell has completed drilling wildcat well 26/4-2 in production license 266. The well was drilled approximately 110 kilometers off the Norwegian coast between Haugesund and Bergen.

The well was drilled to evaluate a sandstone project of Paleocene age called "Beluga". The sandstone was penetrated to the expected depth, but no hydrocarbons were found in the reservoir level.

The water depth at the drilling location is 131 meters. The well was drilled to a total depth of 2273 meters below sea level and was completed in rocks of upper Cretaceous age.

The drilling operations were carried out using Odfjell's semisub, DeepSea Delta. The drilling operations were carried out efficiently in the course of 13 days and completed on April 26th. The rig has now been taken over by Esso Exploration and Production Norway A/S, which will drill well 16/1-7 as the operator of production licenses 001B and 242.