Baker Energy Awarded Operations Contract by EnerVest

Baker Energy, a subsidiary of the Michael Baker Corporation has been awarded a $2.5 million contract from EnerVest Management Partners, Ltd., to operate its oil and gas production properties in the inland waters of Texas and Louisiana.

Under this agreement, Baker will provide more than 30 skilled personnel to operate and maintain the production facilities. Including EnerVest, Baker is now operating 310 manned and unmanned facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, and 29 fields located in the inland waters.

"This agreement will allow EnerVest to augment our existing operating and technical personnel with Baker's proven operational expertise," A. Vince Miller, vice president of EnerVest's southern division, said.

EnerVest Partners is a Houston-headquartered oil and gas company, which has a primary focus on the acquisition and development of upstream oil and gas properties on behalf of institutional investors. EnerVest Partners manages approximately $600 million in assets and operates over 5,000 wells.