4th Wave Imaging Signs 4D Seismic Contract With Petrobras

4th Wave Imaging has signed a consulting and service contract with Petrobras. The agreement provides Petrobras with access to 4th Wave Imaging's consulting services and proprietary technology for seismic monitoring of oil production.

4th Wave Imaging's advanced methods of using seismic waves to monitor fluid flow in oil fields will assist Petrobras in maximizing the value of its newly developed offshore fields, particularly in the deepwater Campos Basin. Petrobras' efforts are aimed at assuring that Brazil can meet its needs for self-sufficiency and affordable energy, without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Research at 4th Wave Imaging on advanced time-lapse seismic methods (4D) is partially funded by US federal and state agencies, as well as the energy industry.

This new contract will allow the company to provide a variety of services to Petrobras' offshore operations, including 4D feasibility surveys using state-of-the-art petrophysical methods, planning for the acquisition of time-lapse seismic data, 4D seismic processing methodologies, and specialized seismic data interpretation, inversion and quantitative analysis. 4th Wave Imaging will also work with petroleum engineers at Petrobras to integrate seismic monitoring efforts with fluid-flow simulations of their oil and gas reservoirs.

4th Wave Imaging's efforts will advance the use in Brazil of time-lapse seismology, which is a relatively new technology for imaging fluid flow deep underground using measurements from sensors at the earth's surface. 4th Wave Imaging CEO Dr. David Lumley said, "Our technology is focused on advanced practical methods of monitoring the changes that occur as oil and gas are removed from offshore reservoirs that are extremely expensive to produce. 4D Seismic technology can dramatically lower the economic risks and increase the ultimate efficiency of oil and gas recovery in these new fields."