Texen Oil & Gas Hires Former Fortune 10 Advisor

Texen Oil and Gas has hired Michael McAdams, former associate group policy advisor to Lord John Browne, Chief Executive Officer of BP, as a new member of the Texen Oil and Gas team. In his new role, Mr. McAdams will be the Senior Advisor to Tatiana Golovina, President and Chief Executive Officer of Texen Oil and Gas. "We are delighted to have someone of Michael's range and depth of experience as Texen begins a new phase in its plans for the future," Ms. Golovina stated.

Mr. McAdams, former senior aide to Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas, spent 15 years with BP in a number of capacities. Over his entire career he has dealt with the independent oil and gas sector in the United States, including an effort to repeal the 20 year ban on the export of Alaskan crude oil, supported by the Independent Petroleum Association of American and the California Independents Petroleum Association. "Additionally, he brings international experience and a depth of understanding of the overall oil and gas markets in the United States and around the world which will help the company maximize its value creation opportunities," Ms. Golovina explained.

Tatiana Golovina further stated, "In a sector that relies on and requires partnership with government, Mr. McAdams brings a wealth of understanding and personal networks to the table on Texan's behalf."

"I am delighted to be part of a dynamic and focused effort by Texen to contribute to America's supply of oil and gas resources. This is a particularly encouraging time for the independent sector, as many of the opportunities at home and abroad economically favor smaller operators in their development. The history of independent producers in America's quest for oil and gas is legendary and I believe they will continue to be a source of pride in this industry sector in meeting American's demand" McAdams said.

Mr. McAdams holds a law degree from American University and undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech.