A2D Releases Calibrated-Image Format Specs to Public Domain

A2D Technologies has released the technical specifications for a new, calibrated image format (RasterML) into the public domain. The new, modernized format, utilizes XML-based technology to describe depth-calibrated well-log images. XML is an open standard for identifying and describing data and facilitates the exchange of data between individual applications or data stores. RasterML is a simple format for exchanging well log images over networks.

A2D's depth-calibrated well-log images, under the trademark smartRASTER®, are basic TIFF files, or well-log scans, that have had additional intelligence added to them about the log type, log-curve scales, measured depth positions and unique well identifier (UWID). The images can be imported into a number of industry-standard well-log correlation tools for the purposes of tops picking and cross section construction. A2D smartRASTER's are a cost efficient alternative for companies managing hardcopy log libraries and enable exploration workflow improvements.

Depth-calibrated well-log images have recently been incorporated into the PPDM Association's industry standard data model, PPDM version 3.7. A2D Technologies was an active participant in the PPDM Association Well Log work group during the design and testing phases of this module.

A2D is currently distributing their smartRASTER® well logs using the proprietary smartRASTER® Interchange format (SIF). The release of the new Calibrated Image Format (RasterML) will provide a new, non-proprietary format to facilitate the transfer of this data type.

"Clients and software vendors want to see the standardization of how depth-calibrated well-log images are transported, stored and managed", stated Dave Kotowych, A2D President, "Our Company has built an inventory of over 3 million well logs in North America, the largest online collection in the world. Our smartRASTER well logs have grown rapidly in popularity and are now utilized by most Major and Independent oil and gas companies in the U.S. Anticipating industry trends has been the key to development of our well log data solutions. Releasing this format into the public domain is part of that strategy."

A2D has established a close working relationship with the Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC) regarding RasterML. The long-term objective is that POSC will be the custodian (for publication, extension and maintenance) of the RasterML XML format. POSC is an energy industry consortium focused on XML-based data-transfer standards.