Micron Enviro Systems Eyeing Ukrainian Prospects

Micron Enviro Systems has entered into negotiations to participate in a possible partnership on one of several of the approximate 100 prime oil and gas pools within the Ukraine. MSEV would be one of a few different companies' that would make up the partnership. One of MSEV's consultants has assembled a technical and legal team from Calgary and Chicago to assist into the negotiations. Meetings are ongoing between the consultant and senior Ukrainian officials.

MSEV hopes to have a decision regarding this tremendous opportunity within the next few weeks. Bernie McDougall, president of MSEV stated, "This project could be an extremely large prospect. It is still in the early stages but if MSEV were able to participate in a prospect of this magnitude it could add significant value to the company. The consultant has developed a relationship with Ukrainian officials, and if a deal can be consummated, MSEV would make up a portion of the consortium of companies developing the prospect. It is quite exciting to think about, but it is stressed that it is still in the early stages. However, we are going to continue to be very active with our ongoing projects in Texas over the coming weeks. Our goal is to become a mid range oil gas company and it is projects like we have and are negotiating on that could help MSEV achieve this goal."