Saipem Completes OZ2 Pipeline Project

The Process, Power & Offshore division of Intergraph Corporation reports that its customer Saipem has successfully completed construction of phase one of the Sonatrach Algerian OZ2 pipeline project using the Intergraph MARIAN(R) Site Control Module for materials tracking and construction management. The OZ2 project includes six pumping stations and one terminal alongside a 497-mile (800 km) oil pipeline from Haoud el Amra, southern Algeria, to Arzew on the Mediterranean coast. The MARIAN Site Control Module ( helped Saipem balance on-site personnel with material availability, assigning materials to site inventories in the shortest possible time.

Gilberto Bulato, construction manager OZ2 Project, Saipem, said, "The off-the-shelf MARIAN Site Control Module helped Saipem complete the OZ2 project by effectively controlling disposition and timely distribution of bulk materials to multiple construction sites along the Haoud el Amra pipeline."

Marzio Pierazzuoli, vice president, Central & Southern Europe Region, Intergraph Process Power & Offshore, said, "The successful completion of the OZ2 project represents a significant business improvement milestone for Saipem. It demonstrates the effectiveness of MARIAN as part of Saipem's evolving corporate IT strategy for supporting materials management and tracking globally."

Since the OZ2 implementation, Intergraph has provided the MARIAN Site Control Module to the Saipem Engineering Nigeria fabrication yard at Port Harcourt, Nigeria. An additional implementation is expected at Saipem's subsidiary, Intermare Sarda, the fabrication facility in Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy, later this year.

MARIAN Enables Efficient Project Execution

In addition to balancing on-site personnel with material availability and assigning materials rapidly to site inventories, the MARIAN Site Control Module automates material receiving, forecasting, reservation and allocation routines to efficiently control and manage materials in the various site warehouses. The availability of all upstream and site inventory data enables precise planning and significantly reduces the costs, time and labor hours associated with onsite materials management.

Intergraph MARIAN is the world's market-leading solution for integrated materials management in plant and marine design, revamp and maintenance projects. The Web-enabled, modular and open MARIAN helps reduce direct material costs, avoid material shortages and delays, lower labor costs in engineering, procurement, logistics and construction- while significantly improving risk management.