Meridian Announces Results from 7th Biloxi Marshlands Well

The Meridian Resource Corporation announced initial test results from its seventh successful well in its Biloxi Marshlands ("BML") project area. The BML22/SL 17980 #1 well was tested from the uppermost pay section of the Cris "I" sand interval through 8 feet of perforations between 9,852 feet measured depth ("MD")(9,567 feet true vertical depth ("TVD")) and 9,860 feet MD (9,575 feet TVD) at a stabilized gross daily flow rate of 9.3 million cubic feet of gas per day. Flowing tubing pressure was measured at 3,753 psi and shut-in tubing pressure was measured at 4,257 psi. First production from the well is expected to commence during third quarter 2004 following completion of pipeline and production facilities tie-ins. The Company owns a 92% working interest in the well.

The Company will begin mobilization of the drilling rig from the BML22/SL 17980 #1 well to its next location in the BML project area within the next seven days. It is anticipated that the Ducros et al No. 32-1 well on the Apollo prospect will spud at that time and will be drilled to a total depth of approximately 12,500 feet MD. Drilling operations on the well are expected to take approximately 30 days and the Company holds a 92% working interest in the well.

The Company expects to have a second drilling rig working in the BML project area beginning in May 2004. As previously reported Meridian continues to develop its Biloxi Marshlands project area and expects to drill 15-20 wells during 2004.

Also, in the Biloxi Marshlands project area, the construction of pipeline and facility tie-ins for the previously reported BML No. 19-1 have begun and the Company expects to place the well on production within 7 days. The BML No. 19-1 well was recently tested at a gross stabilized flow rate of 9.1 million cubic feet of gas per day.