Dynamic Equipment Launches New Manriding Safety Device

Aberdeen based Dynamic Equipment Company Ltd, a member of the Dynamic Group of Companies, has launched an innovative new safety device, designed specifically for Manriding applications.

The product has a simple but effective design that, for the first time, puts control in the hands of the person most at risk.

A harness mounted radio transmitter, fitted with an emergency stop button continually sends a signal to a receiver unit attached to the winch. If for any reason the signal is interrupted (ie the button depressed or signal lost) then the receiver unit fails to safe and shuts down the winch. Managing Director Richard Hay explained: "There are several different types of safety systems for Manriding, but none of these effectively give control to the person at risk. Our system is really very simple to use, but is highly effective".

The system allows the Manrider to safely isolate themselves while working at height, perhaps for extended periods of time. Then, and only when they want to, they will release the button and can be lowered to safety. Mr. Hay added "There have been so many dreadful incidents that have basically been down to human error. Our system will effectively eliminate that possibility".

During a recent Open Day, the equipment generated significant interest with clients, and those in attendance promptly suggested new uses for it, for example by drill floor personnel, in access baskets or heavy handling situations. In fact, such was the enthusiasm from Operators and Drilling Contractors that the company intends to host another Demonstration Day in the near future.

"Our next step is to take the product to the market and continue the ongoing product development and refinement" added Mr. Hay.