TGS-NOPEC Begins NSR 2D Survey in the North Sea

TGS-NOPEC has started a new 25,000 kilometer multi-client 2D seismic program in the North Sea. The program, known as North Sea Renaissance (NSR), is part of a plan to cover the entire North Sea with over 100,000 kilometers of long-offset 2D seismic data in the years to come. Acquisition of the NSR will begin with the vessel Polar Princess utilizing an 8,000 meter streamer. Two additional vessels with same technical configuration will join the program later this year and operations are expected to last until the end of Q3.

Processing of the 25,000 kilometers is expected to be completed and available to the industry by the end of 2004.

TGS-NOPEC has extensive experience with long-offset acquisition in Gulf of Mexico with the company's Phase 50 2D and Deep Resolve 3D seismic programs. The NSR concept represents an extension of the company's technical success with these programs to North Sea waters. The NSR program was initiated last year as a 3,300-kilometer pilot program that proved better resolution of deeper geological sequences and detected hydrocarbons on long-offset data previously never recorded. The 2004 NSR program is pre-funded by several oil companies.

The North Sea Renaissance is acquired in co-operation with Fugro.