Stimtube Success for Expro in North Sea

Expro International recently provided well stimulation expertise on a successful job in the UK North Sea. Expro's StimTubeTM process was utilized by a major operator to stimulate a low flow rate oil well back to a significant production level.

StimTubeTM is an oxidizer-based tool for reservoir stimulation and is an excellent example of the innovative yet cost-effective production enhancement techniques Expro offers to clients. It is particularly effective in situations where the production rate of a well has significantly declined over time from its initial flow rate.

After analysis using the PulsFracTM modelling software, Expro recommended that 3 separate zones in the candidate well be stimulated, one of 10 feet in length and two of 15 feet. The StimTubeTM was conveyed into the well on slickline and ignited using ExproŒs unique Slickline Memory Initiator System. The well was opened to production and initially surged to over 9 times pre-stimulation levels. The well has since been choked back and is currently producing at over 6 times pre-stimulation levels.

StimTubeTM can be run through tubing, on electric line or, as in this case, on slickline to stimulate existing perforations and hence eliminate the need for traditional stimulation techniques, thus resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

When ignited, StimTubeTM can generate high volumes of high pressure gas pulses at the reservoir face, which are effective in perforation breakdown, fracture initiation and elimination of near wellbore damage.

Alastair Morrison, Expro's Technical Sales Manager - Data and Explosives, stated, "Our client is very happy with these excellent results and has committed to further work using StimTubeTM where appropriate. We are confident this simple and cost effective technology can be used to restore production on other wells in the North Sea."