Bouygues Offshore Restructures UK Activities

In consideration of the changing market in the UK which embraces both UK projects and UK-controlled international projects, Bouygues Offshore has commenced a restructuring of its UK presence to reflect these changes. The initial objectives of Bouygues Offshore's presence in the UK will be:

  • To establish a stronger technical presence
  • To have a broader UK-based communication for day-to-day working with UK-centred clients for both UK and international projects
  • To offer in the UK the spectrum, where applicable, of Bouygues Offshore services embracing Offshore, Onshore, Liquefied Gases, Maritime Works, Chemicals-Refining/Energy-Industries, Maintenance Services
  • To streamline or change existing UK operations to reflect the present and future markets.

To establish a stronger technical presence and UK communication base, Bouygues Offshore has acquired 50% of Offshore Design Engineering Ltd (ODE) from the Bibby Line Group. The other 50% being owned by Doris Engineering. ODE was established in 1980 as an offshore engineering consulting company which has two divisions, one specializing in conceptual/feasibility studies and front end engineering contracts and the other in detailed engineering, project management and operations. ODE is based in London and East Anglia with some 100 staff for an average net sales of (pound) 6 millions over the last 3 years.

This acquisition augments Bouygues Offshore's earlier developments of the 100% acquisition of Sofresid and the 51% acquisition of Doris Engineering now giving the Bouygues Offshore Group a project management and an engineering force exceeding 2,250 people.

The broader spectrum of services to be provided by Bouygues Offshore in the UK will focus not only a stronger presence covering technology and the wider Bouygues Offshore services but will include rationalization of its UK fabrication presence in Clydebank to reflect the changing size and nature of the fabrication needs of the UK.