PanCanadian/Ocean Rig Donate $2MM for Offshore Training

PanCanadian Petroleum Limited and Ocean Rig ASA, on behalf of their East Coast Drilling Partnership are contributing a combined $2 million to the Province of Nova Scotia to be used in support of offshore training programs. The money will go to the Nova Scotia Community College to ensure that Nova Scotians have the opportunity to develop the skills required to participate in future offshore petroleum opportunities.

"We see the potential of offshore Nova Scotia to become one of the top three natural gas supply basins in North America over the coming years. And, as one of the most active explorers, we are committed to ensuring that Nova Scotians not only share in our success, but help build that success," said David Tuer, PanCanadian President and Chief Executive Officer. "By creating offshore training opportunities, we hope to ensure that the Nova Scotia workforce is ready to meet upcoming industry needs, including requirements created by our own aggressive exploration program on the East Coast."