Production Testing to Begin Soon at Xyris 1 Well

Origin Energy reports that the Xyris 1 exploration well located in the onshore Perth Basin Production License L1 was preparing to cement casing. Since the last report, 4-1/2 inch casing has been run to a depth of 2,793 meters. Cementing of the casing is expected to be completed within the next 48 hours.

The forward program after the casing has been cemented is for production testing to be undertaken as soon as possible to obtain reserves information, deliverability and gas composition data. This production testing is expected to commence next week and take up to 2 weeks to complete.

The Xyris 1 well is located 6.5 kilometers east of the Hovea Production Facility and 1.2 kilometers northwest of the Mondarra Gasfield in Australia.

Participants in L1 and L2 (excluding the Dongara, Mondarra and Yardarino fields) and Xyris 1 are Origin Energy with 50% and ARC Energy as Operator with 50%.

At the completion of Xyris 1, the Century 11 rig is expected to drill the Jingemia 4 oil development/appraisal well in the EP 413 (Jingemia) Permit.