Dominion Commemorates 2000th Well Completion in Sonora Field

On Thursday Dominion Exploration & Production celebrated the drilling of the 2000th well within the Sonora Field in west Texas. The celebration also marked Dominion E&P's surpassing the field's production target of 200 million cubic feet per day. A luncheon was held at the Sutton County 4-H Center in Sonora for Dominion executives and employees, industry partners, state and county officials and representatives, royalty and mineral owners.

"Our Sonora asset base is an integral component of the company's long lived onshore reserve development strategy. We have been very active in this field since 1994 and I look forward to continuing our successful operations for many more years," noted Duane Radtke, president and chief executive officer of Dominion E&P.

Dominion E&P's drilling and acquisition activity in the Sonora area has been steadily growing during the past ten years. The company controls more than 95 percent working interest in 4000 wells across 600,000 acres. The company plans to drill more than 500 wells in this field in 2004, and that is expected to increase in 2005.