Reflex Marine Showcases New Equipment

Reflex Marine, a global leader in safe marine transfer solutions, has attracted interest from operators in the Gulf of Mexico after hosting a crane and lifting open day at its new Accredited Service Center (ASC) in Houston.

The company, expert in the safe transfer of personnel to and from offshore installations, has been experiencing increasing demand from operators in the region, where the importance of reducing risk within the energy industry remains firmly in the spotlight.

Companies from across the region took the opportunity to see Reflex Marine’s specialist equipment – the industry-leading FROG and TORO personnel carriers – being demonstrated at the new ASC. Some tested the safety equipment by strapping themselves in to experience a lift first-hand. The event introduced the Houston ASC and new technology, including the HAWK Deck Motion Monitor, to the local industry. It was well received by all who attended.

Clients will now be able to source accredited inspection and maintenance services. Sparrows Group, acting as the accredited service center for Houston, will also offer training for crews who are new to the technology as well as a replacement parts service. With units available for lease, as well as for sale, potential clients will be able to try out the units without necessarily having to buy them.

“Operators are becoming more aware of the options which are available to them and as a result we have been seeing increasing demand for our technology, particularly in the United States,” said Grant Wintle, Reflex Marine’s business manager for North America. “The open day was a big success and many of the people who visited were delighted to be able to sample the technology and were very impressed by what they saw.

“For many people crane transfer conjures up images of the traditional rope basket. By establishing an ASC in the heart of the North American energy industry we are not only enhancing the services we offer to our clients in the Gulf of Mexico but also offering the opportunity for others to witness first-hand the advances which have been made in safety in recent years.”

The FROG and TORO have been designed to greatly reduce the risk to passengers during transfer, after the company analyzed incidents of injury occurring during rope basket operations. Seat belts reduce the risk of falling from the basket – the cause of half of all injuries using rope basket, while a protective frame and shock absorbing seats reduce the risk of injury through lateral impacts (accounting for 35% of injuries) or vertical impacts (22%).

Reflex Marine has established ASCs in Canada, Norway, Dubai, Singapore and the Caspian region, with plans for opening further centers in other locations.