Paradigm Donates Software to Cardiff University in Wales

Paradigm has donated state-of-the-art geoscience information software, valued at US$715,000, to Cardiff University's School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science in Wales.

The donation, by Paradigm's Europe, Africa and Middle East office, includes a wide-ranging portfolio of leading-edge geological and geophysical software used in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Cardiff University's School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science plans to utilize the software for research and teaching purposes.

Richard Davies, Senior Lecturer in the school, said, "We're delighted to have this state-of-the-art software for use in a variety of Ph.D. and post-doctoral research projects that utilize industry 2D and 3D seismic data from around the world. It ensures that we are able to mine the full intellectual benefit from these data, and make practical advances that have direct implications for the exploration and recovery of hydrocarbons."

Paradigm has donated major building blocks of its Trace-to-Target workflows to Cardiff, enabling the university's students and faculty to research every stage of the oil and gas E&P process. Among the advanced solutions donated are Paradigm's market-leading VoxelGeo(r) volume interpretation solution, with its many add-on enhancements for horizon auto-tracking, seismic data attributes, line-based interpretation, mapping, structural modeling and validation. The donation also includes Paradigm's industry-standard Focus program for seismic data processing, and its renowned inversion and analysis tools. The Stratimagic seismic facies classification package and Geolog(r) well log correlation and petrophysical analysis solution complete the comprehensive offering.

Steve Hunt, Managing Director of Paradigm EAME, said, "As a company specializing in geoscience knowledge, Paradigm is firmly committed to promoting the development of research in our areas of expertise. The partnership between prestigious institutes of higher learning and leading industrial firms is the best way to ensure that advanced science meets practical applications, ultimately benefiting our customers and the industry at large."