Tartan Energy Suspends Testing on Silver Oak No. 2 Well

Tartan Energy says that after testing a number of intervals in the Silver Oak No. 2 well, it will suspend further production testing until additional laboratory analyses have been received and interpreted. The Silver Oak wells are located in California on in the Lost Hills field.

Although oil and natural gas was produced from two of the intervals tested, neither of the intervals resulted in sustained economical rates. The Agua interval initially produced at rates as high as 2.9 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. As production testing continued, the natural gas rate decreased and an influx of water ultimately made this interval uneconomical to produce. The Lower Carneros test produced approximately 5 percent oil along with small quantities of natural gas. After testing this interval for six days, it was determined to be uneconomical and that additional stimulation would not likely improve production.

Tartan is currently waiting for the results of additional laboratory analyses before production testing continues in the Diatomite intervals. Good shows of oil and natural gas were recorded in the Diatomite and the laboratory analyses will assist in selecting the most productive intervals for testing.