Shell Restarts Production from Sangu Field

Shell has resumed natural gas production from the Sangu Field offshore Bangladesh on Wednesday after a halt that lasted approximately 20 hours.

Production was suspended on Tuesday due to a technical fault at the Sangu Field which is located in the Bay of Bengal approximately 25 miles off the Chittagong coast, energy officials said. "We have asked them to maintain uninterrupted production as we cannot afford (to spare) even one hour without gas," State Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources A.K.M. Mosharraf Hossain said in a statement. Repair crews could not reach the platform immediately due to rough weather in the Bay.

Shell has been producing up to 170 million cubic feet (mcf) of gas per day from the Sangu field. Production dropped between 130 and 140 mcf after it suspended production at one of its four wells on March 23 this year, also due to technical reasons. A Shell official on Wednesday said three wells in the field were now continuing normal production.