Meridian Completes Production Test on WISU No.A-25 Well

The Meridian Resource Corporation has revealed initial test results from its Weeks Island Sand Unit No. A-25 well. The well was tested from the "O1" sand interval through an open hole gravel packed completion at a stabilized gross daily flow rate of approximately 900 barrels of oil per day and approximately 250 thousand cubic feet of gas per day. The WISU A-25 well was drilled to a total measured depth ("MD") of 11,599 feet (11,458 feet true vertical depth ("TVD")) and, based on electric logs, encountered apparent oil pay of 264 feet MD in the "M" and "O" sand intervals between depths of 10,662 feet MD (10,568 feet TVD) and 11,445 feet MD (11,312 feet TVD). The Company expects to resume drilling in the Weeks Island field within 45 days to drill one of several additional prospects scheduled for 2004. The Company owns a 92% working interest in the WISU A-25 well and is the operator of the field.

In the Company's Biloxi Marshlands ("BML") project area, drilling has been completed in the initial section of its Eros prospect well, the BML22/SL 17980 #1, with electric logs indicating apparent gas pay present in the well. Operations have been completed to set pipe over the pay section and the well is currently being drilled deeper to test additional prospective sands. Based on initial drilling results and its evaluation, the Company will move the current rig to an adjacent location to test two and possibly three additional prospect opportunities.

Also, in the Biloxi Marshlands project area, the Company has received permit approval for pipeline construction for its previously reported BML No. 19-1 and expects first production before the end of May 2004. The BML No. 19-1 well was recently tested at a gross stabilized flow rate of 9.1 million cubic feet of gas per day. Meridian owns a 92% working interest in the BML No. 19-1 well and pipeline. As previously reported, Meridian continues to develop its Biloxi Marshlands project area and expects to drill 15-20 wells during 2004. Future well sites are currently being permitted.

The Company continues to acquire additional 3-D seismic data in the field and has completed approximately 25% of its most recent 268 square mile 3-D survey at Biloxi. Final deliverables of the new data are expected during May 2004.