Drilling Commences at Sound Oil's Indonesia Well

Sound Oil announced the following update for its operations onshore Java, Indonesia.

Citarum PSC, Java (Sound Oil 20%): Drilling at the Geulis-1 exploration well commenced at 00.40 local time Oct. 2. The well will be drilled as a deviated hole to a proposed total measured depth of 3,937 feet to target limestone and sandstone reservoirs in the Miocene, Parigi and Cibulakan formations. Operations are scheduled for 42 days.

The well is located in the Jonggol area approximately 4 miles (7 kilometers) east of the Pasundan-1 well and 20 miles (16 kilometers) south of the Jatirarangon gas and oil discovery. In this part of the block drilling conditions are expected to be less challenging than at the Cataka-1 and Jatayu-1 wells as the structural style is less complex and more drilling information is available from surrounding wells.

The Geulis prospect has been independently assessed by Fugro Robertson Limited to have gross P90-P50-P10 prospective gas resources of 9-26-55 Bscf respectively (P50 5 Bscf net to Sound Oil).