Schlumberger Unveils New Intelligent Wireline Intervention Services

Schlumberger launched ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service, a modular system of intelligent wireline-deployed services that provides real-time measurement and control in a small footprint.

"The downhole intelligence of ReSOLVE services enables our customers to see intervention operations at a level of detail not previously possible," said Catherine MacGregor, president, Schlumberger Wireline. "With this unique technology, more complex operations can be performed, such as selective sleeve shifting or safety valve performance evaluation, with unprecedented success."

This modular system of services comprises a high-force linear actuator, a universal shifting tool (UST), a hydraulic setting tool and a milling tool. The high-force linear actuator shifts downhole valves, pulls retrievable plugs, and can perform fishing operations while monitoring force and displacement in real time. The UST is a field-configurable, high-expansion shifting tool that can selectively shift devices, even below restrictions.

The plug and packer setting tool operates hydraulically, eliminating the need for explosives. The milling tool removes scale and other obstructions from wellbore tubulars while automatically controlling weight-on-bit to maximize rate of penetration.

In a North Sea well, ReSOLVE milling service removed scale at a rate of 57 feet per hour over thousands of feet of production tubing, eliminating the need for a full scale intervention. In the Middle East, the ReSOLVE UST was deployed to selectively shift 10 valves in a horizontal multizone completion. Real-time confirmation of shifting eliminated the need for production logging to verify the valves had shifted.