Chimera to Use PEMEX Shale Extraction Technology in Mexico

Chimera Energy Corp. President Charles Grob announced the receipt of the official signed document from PEMEX to utilize the Company's new Non-Hydraulic Shale Oil Extraction system on Central Tajin Area wells number 4, 5 and 6 in the Chicontepic Basin of Mexico.

"I am elated to have this signed official document physically in my hands from the largest company in all of Latin America. I cannot overstate the significance of this achievement for Chimera Energy Corp. A lot of science, planning and hard work got us to this point. Next week is sure to be a very busy and rewarding week for us," stated President Grob.

Chimera Energy Corp's Non-Hydraulic Extraction system is a revolutionary Shale Oil extraction technology designed to safely and economically replace hydraulic fracturing (AKA fracking and fracing) without negative environmental impacts. The new process uses no water and also does not use steam, LPG gel, natural gas or the pumping of anything hot into the well.

PEMEX, also known as Petroleos Mexicanos, has been working with Chimera Energy Corp to utilize CHMR's revolutionary exothermic Non-Hydraulic Extraction method throughout Latin America. The Chicontepec Basin is considered Mexico's largest certified hydrocarbon reserve, totaling more than 139 billion barrels of oil (22.1×109 m3).

Non-Hydraulic Extraction has recently emerged to be asserted as a cheaper and more effective extraction method that does not affect groundwater at all. Chimera Energy Corp is in the process of reengineering this new method for mass production, re-licensing and sales.