Breitling O&G Spuds Another Tx. Well in Gulf Coast Onshore Initiative

Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation has spud the Breitling-Tamra #1 in Nueces County, Texas as it continues to develop its "Gulf Coast Onshore Initiative" that began in May 2010.

The Breitling-Tamra #1 Prospect is expected to be drilled to 8,000 feet to test the Kaiser and King Ranch sands above 7,800 feet. The Breitling-Tamra #1 is in the Bishop Field, in the heart of the rich Frio sand trend. The trapping structure is generally defined by subsurface well control with the interpretation and proposed location confirmed by integrating 3D Seismic from Breitling's shoot in 2011.

Management anticipates the well will reach total depth in about 6 days. Well completion and testing on the Breitling-Tamra #1 well should begin during the last week of August 2012.

Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "Based on our observation of weak drainage patterns from surrounding wells and no real indication of high water cuts we feel confident there is a sizable amount of undrained oil reserves in this reservoir." Faulkner added, "The Bishop field has produced a great amount of oil since the first well was drilled there in 1947 but we feel like a significant amount of oil has been left in place."