ONGC's Offshore Infrastructure Draws Praise from Regulators

The quality of maintenance aboard ONGC's offshore installations, including its offshore support vessels, got their share of commendations from the Director General of Shipping Mr. G S Sahani, the Nautical Adviser to Government of India Captain M M Saggi and Sr. Dy. Director General of Shipping Mr. N Salecha, when they visited ONGC's installations on the high seas.

The dignitaries visited the Process Complex ICP, Offshore Drilling Rig Sagar Ratna and MSV Samudra Sevak on March 6. They were accompanied by ONGC's Chief of Offshore Logistics Mr. S C Gupta and GM (Marine Logistics) Mr. A K Agarwal.

The distinguished visitors lauded the standards of safety and upkeep maintained by ONGC on the offshore structures and vessels. DG Shipping Mr. G S Sahani was highly impressed. Aboard the MSV Samudra Sevak, he observed, "The officers and staff are highly motivated; the upkeep of the vessel is highly commendable."

The Director General was equally appreciative of the ICP Complex and the offshore drilling rig Sagar Ratna. "We are highly impressed to see the ICP Complex and Rig Sagar Ratna of ONGC. The safety standards are indeed commendable. The upkeep of the complex and the rig are of a very high standard. The officers manning the installations are highly motivated professionals, living under difficult conditions. Our visit has been an eye opening experience". While acknowledging that the country is proud of the ONGCians, DG Shipping urged the oil men to keep up the high standards.

Nautical Adviser to Government of India Captain M M Saggi also registered his positive impressions about ONGC's offshore armory. The offshore drilling rig Sagar Ratna made the Nautical Advisor proud, to see the rig fully manned by Indians. "The day is not far when India will become totally self-reliant in Offshore Exploration", he augured.