TDW Opens First Kazakh Office

T.D. Williamson (TDW), a leading provider of pipeline equipment and services, announced the opening of a new office in Kazakhstan. The facility has been set up as a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Atyrau was chosen because it is known as an "Oil Capital," with a number of major oil and gas companies and service providers operating in the area. The city possesses a well-developed infrastructure, a good transportation system, and is located at the juncture of Europe and Asia, making it the perfect hub for expanding the company's operations in the region.

Kazakhstan is well known for its rich oil and gas reserves, with more than 200 fields having been identified. The country possesses the Caspian region's largest recoverable crude oil reserves.

TDW has been operating in Kazakhstan since early 2000, but until now has not established a permanent local presence in the country. In 2009, Yerlan Andashev was appointed Area Sales Manager for Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and in late February 2012, the legal entity TDW Kazakhstan LLP was established. Currently, TDW is providing hot tapping and plugging services, and selling cleaning pigs, RES-Q composite wrap and PIG-SIG pig passage indicators to customers in Kazakhstan.

Ambitious plans for the region

The company recognizes that the Kazakhstan market represents a huge potential for expansion. There are very few suppliers of pipeline maintenance and repair technologies established in the area, and none of them provide the range of services and expertise for which TDW is well renowned. The company's goal in establishing the new office is to become a partner of choice to its customers in the region. This will make it easier for TDW to offer customers its innovative customized pipeline maintenance and operation technology and problem-solving support. It will also offer advantages to customers who will be able to benefit financially from dealing with a resident company that complies with official local content requirements.

"Now is the right time to open an office in Kazakhstan," said Andashev. "The new office is a demonstration of our faith in Kazakhstan's enormous potential as a major oil and gas provider. We are delighted to be able to share in the promising growth of this region by providing the full range of pipeline services for which TDW is famous."

Andashev also feels that TDW expertise is particularly relevant to the challenges particular to the Caspian region. "The severe environmental conditions in the offshore fields are just the sort of problems for which TDW has established expertise," he said. "Our SmartPlug pipeline pressure isolation tool and other offshore technologies will enable our customers to operate effectively and safely in these highly productive oil and gas fields," he added.

Looking to the future, TDW hopes to open a local service center in Kazakhstan in 2013, which will further improve its customer service by widening the scope of services and stock of consumables provided, and by reducing the service delivery time. In addition, the firm intends that its office in Atyrau will be used to develop operations throughout the Caspian region.