Halliburton Releases Z3 PDC Cutter Technology

Halliburton and its product service line Security DBS have released the Z3 ™ polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter technology for Fixed Cutter drill bits. Z3 technology a proprietary development made in conjunction with long time diamond technology provider US Synthetic, represents a step-change advance in the abrasion resistance of PDC cutters, leading to significantly longer and more cost effective drilling operations.

"This breakthrough technology will further our leadership as we expand the application of our FM 3000 ™ PDC product line into hard rock and more abrasive formations," said James Bement, vice president, Halliburton Energy Services, Security DBS. "Combining these two technologies with our DatCi(sm) (Design at the Customer interface) process will provide greater performance and lower cost-per-foot drilled for our customers."

Z3 technology involves the understanding of a key additional parameter of PDC cutter performance, thermal mechanical integrity. These insights have allowed Security DBS to develop PDC cutters that offer 13.5 times the abrasion resistance of industry standard cutters without the sacrifice of any impact toughness. In extensive, proprietary lab tests the new Z3 technology has proven to be in excess of four times more abrasion resistant than the most competitive premium cutter technology in the industry. The deployment of Z3 cutters in Security DBS leading edge FM3000 Fixed Cutter bits is providing the company's designers a substantial advantage in addressing specific customer drilling needs, resulting in new, high performance PDC bit products for customers world wide. In direct offset comparisons, the FM3000 ™ bits fitted with Z3 cutters have had up to a 22% increase in footage drilled and up to 41% improvements in rate of penetration.

"Our global Applications Design Evaluation (ADE(sm)) service specialists will be able to help our customers leverage their drilling optimization through the unique Z3 cutter technology," said Tim Higgins, Fixed Cutter Product Manager, Security DBS. "FM3000 bit technology, introduced in 2003, has proven that bit design can reduce cutter impact damage through vibration control. The reduction of vibration and impact damage through use of FM3000 bit technology will enable Security DBS to further improve abrasion resistance offered by the Z3 technology and will significantly contribute to more cost-effective drilling operations."