Precision Drilling Introduces the Super Single Light Rig

Precision Drilling Corporation introduces the next generation of shallow drilling rigs that are a safe and cost effective alternative to coiled tubing drilling, ideal for the shallow gas market. The Precision "Super Single ® Light" is a scaled down version of the original Super Single ® rig designed with the shallow gas market in mind. The automated pipe handling system and the integrated top drive have been incorporated to ensure that the "Super Single Light" is not only efficient but safe as well.

The fact that the "Super Single Light" makes use of conventional Range III jointed tubulars gives it a distinct advantage over coiled tubing. In coiled tubing applications, factors such as wellbore diameter and lithology, as well as directional drilling programs can often create situations where coiled tubing does not perform well. Therefore, the "Super Single Light" is a more versatile option in that its performance is never compromised regardless of the drilling application.

Coil tubing rigs have higher operating costs than conventional rotary rigs due to higher fuel consumption and the expendable nature of the coiled tubing. These additional costs are ultimately passed along to the customer which makes the "Super Single Light" a more cost effective solution.

Up to the present time the "Super Single Light" has successfully completed a shallow gas project in northeast British Columbia in record time and under budget. Also we are currently drilling horizontal heavy oil wells in East Central Alberta with tremendous success as this project is ahead of schedule and under budget.

The "Super Single Light" - more than just a shallow gas rig.