Reamco Welcomes New CEO

Reamco, Inc., a leading international drilling tool manufacturing, rental and refurbishing provider has named Ashley Lane as CEO, announced President and founder Brent Milam.

Familiar to Reamco, Lane assisted with the startup of the company in 1986 and progressed from Operations Manager to Vice President during his 12-year first tenure. Altogether, he holds 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Lane garnered additional entrepreneurial and management experience through roles as International Business Development Manager of Superior Energy Services, Inc. (SESI) and President of Drilling Logistics, Inc., a downhole rental and manufacturing company he spearheaded in Lafayette, La.

"Ashley possesses all of the key traits of an experienced businessman and an effective CEO; he has the vision, skills and organization to advance Reamco in the years to come," said Milam. "We look forward to developing as a company under his leadership."