Oman Merges Two Offshore Blocks into One Block

PGS in cooperation with the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Ministry of Oil and Gas (MOG) are pleased to announce that Two of the deepwater/transition blocks formerly offered as part of the Gulf of Oman Licensing Round in 2003 have been merged.

The 7,920 sq km Block 18A and 13,520 sq km Block 18B have been combined to form a new 21,440 sq km Block 18, while boundaries for the 23,800 sq km offshore Block 41 remain unchanged.

The 2 blocks have been selected after interpretation of the new GO2002 2D survey acquired by PGS Geophysical AS. The GO2002 survey comprises of 5839 line-km's with additionally 2738 line-km's of reprocessed data, both available from water depths of 50-3,000 meters. All seismic data will be made available in two data packages. Bids are requested by the MOG by the September 1, 2004.

Closures of hundreds of square kilometers have already been identified. Reservoirs are potentially stacked in growth-fault roll-over anticlines and collapsed-crest listric fault blocks. Diapir flanks and flower structures provide additional structural closures. Stratigraphic pinchouts are additionally evident in seismic sections.

Detailed information regarding the Gulf of Oman and the PGS GO2002 Oman Survey can be found in the data library on the PGS website or by contacting Mark Spencer Jones (PGS, Oslo).