CETCO Launches New Waste Disposal Service

CETCO Oilfield Services announces its new service offering, the HellBlender.

The HellBlender is a unique, automated process that reduces the costs associated with handling and disposing of oilfield wastes including drill cuttings and sludges. CETCO Oilfield Services applied its more than two decades worth of innovation in solids stabilization chemistries to reduce the total waste volume of solidified drill cuttings with HellBlender.

HellBlender from CETCO Oilfield Services achieves this volume reduction by using a combination of superior processing and advanced chemistry, which requires much less additive than traditional methods using fly ash and lime to solidify waste. Due to the overall reduction in final volume of waste needing disposal, the operator saves substantial time and money on both logistics (handling & trucking waste) and landfill disposal costs.

The HellBlender Service is offered in the unconventional shale plays to operators looking to reduce their costs associated with handling and disposing of drill cuttings and other oilfield wastes. The HellBlender is currently operational in the Marcellus shale play.