Brae Bravo Platform Shutdown Due to Gas Alert

Marathon's Brae Bravo platform in the UK North Sea remained closed on Thursday after a gas alert triggered a shutdown earlier in the week, the company said.

"Brae Bravo is still shut, there's no information on when it will restart," said a London-based spokeswoman for the U.S. company. "A gas censor was triggered on Tuesday morning and it has been shut since then."

The Brae field's other two platforms -- East Brae and Brae Alpha -- were operating normally.

The closure of Brae Bravo came after a suspected gas leak on the same platform forced Marathon to shut down the whole of the Brae complex last month.

This week's alert was unconnected to the previous incident, said the spokeswoman.

Recent output figures for the Brae Bravo platform were not immediately available.