AnTech Debuts Data System to Transmit Well Data Wirelessly

AnTech Ltd announced the launch of DAQ>W, a new data acquisition system capable of transmitting data wirelessly from the well site. The new system will debut at AnTech’s stand at the SPE/ICoTA Show on March 23 – 24 in The Woodlands, Texas.

The DAQ>W is comprised of a network of sensors, each of which is connected to a battery-powered transmitter that is ATEX-certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas. As data measurements are acquired by the sensors, it is transmitted at regular intervals to the a base station in the control cabin. Readings are then immediately displayed via custom DAQ>W software on the base station.

DAQ>W an Industry First
The first wireless data acquisition system in the oil industry, the AnTech DAQ>W addresses a gap in the marketplace for an acquisition system that isn’t hampered by cumbersome electrical connection issues. “It’s common knowledge to every drilling engineer that the well site environment is extremely tough on electric cables, especially those required to transmit sensitive instrumentation signals emitted by data acquisition system sensors,” said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech. “Standard industry acquisition systems require that a clumsy network of cables surround the wellsite where they are extremely vulnerable to potential damage, and pose a safety hazard. The DAQ>W, however, transmits wellsite data wirelessly, so no cables are required,” he added.

According to AnTech, internal batteries power the transmitter boxes that can last up to 10 years, and the base units can be powered by any 9-36Vdc supply, so it even runs efficiently from a car battery. Not only does the DAQ>W improve worksite safety standards, the DAQ>W is a much more reliable system. Drilling engineers need never worry about losing data acquisition capabilities caused by damage to power cables.

System Acquires Data for Many Applications
The DAQ>W is highly adaptable for a number of reasons. It comes equipped with up to 64 individual ATEX-certified sensors per base station, which means that they can be placed in any hazardous area. The system may be configured to operate a wide range of sensors for nearly any application, including CT drilling and work-over or wireline operations. For example, sensors that record data on temperature, flow or pulse, level, load/strain, pressure, pump strokes are available.

Short and Long-range Viewing a Plus
Because the DAQ>W operates wirelessly, it is possible to make the data it acquires available for viewing simultaneously in two or more locations. By default, the sensor signals are transmitted 500m to the base station. The base station can then relay the data to other base stations at distances of either 1km or 10km. This allows the receiving station and DAQ>W software to be located in any convenient location, whether it is on a platform, moving car or vessel. For engineers, it means that operations can be monitored well away from the well site.

AnTech Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the international upstream oil and gas industries. Founded in 1992 in Exeter, England, AnTech Ltd is known throughout the world for its range of award-winning coiled tubing tools, and related permanent completion products. AnTech received a Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation 2002 from Hart’s E & P magazine. AnTech won the award in the Drilling – Downhole Category in recognition of the COLT, its coiled tubing drilling system.

In addition to its pioneering work within the design and manufacture of completion products, AnTech Oilfield Software offers the StringView ® family of cutting-edge well visualization software. This highly regarded software program integrates legacy data systems, making it possible to maintain consistent, professionally presented well diagrams.

As one of the leading design engineering companies in the UK, most major oil services companies have retained AnTech Ltd to develop coiled tubing, downhole and completion tools on their behalf. As a result, operators and service companies actively use AnTech’s pioneering products and technology to maximize oil production performance in a safe, and cost-effective manner.