Aztec Completes Drilling Ops at Tx. Well

Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. announced the successful drilling of the Blackstone Southland #1 well, located in Montgomery County, Texas. The Blackstone Southland #1 well was drilled, logged, tested and cased in late November 2011.

The Blackstone Southland #1 well was drilled to approximately 7,400 feet. Logging and testing resulted in the discovery of at least six potentially productive oil and gas sands being identified. The well was initially flow tested at a daily rate of 800,000 CFGPD with associated condensate on a 10/64th choke, from the Mulepond sand. Post geological reports estimate that there are an additional two to three potentially productive locations on the current acreage block that can be developed in the future.

"Also, it should be noted that on larger wells we normally wait a while to report them to allow the production results to be scientifically confirmed," stated Waylan Johnson, President of Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc.

Aztec has partnered with several privately held oil and gas companies, some of which are third and fourth generation companies, to drill and develop projects in Liberty, Montgomery and Tyler Counties.

Mr. Johnson further stated, "Aztec is starting to truly benefit from the 300 years of combined experience of the management and top consultant group that guides us daily. Having the opportunity to participate in drilling deals that 'never make it to the street,' so to speak, will continue to give Aztec partnerships an edge in the exploratory area of our partnerships."