ONGC Restarts Production from Bassein Field

ONGC has restarted production from Bassein field, the country's largest gas field, two days ahead of schedule on March 19th after a 14-day shutdown for required maintenance.

The gas supply from the BPA platform, located in the Bassein field, 80 kilometers northwest of Mumbai, was shut down from March 7. 2004 to upgrade the oil handling facilities in view of the development of the Thin Oil Rim of Bassein field.

The shut-down was planned well in advance and the consumers were informed accordingly. The shut-down was scheduled to be restarted March 21, 2004. "However, to reduce the impact of this shutdown on the output of the consumer industries and on the national economy, the gas supply was resumed on March 19, 2004, nearly two days ahead of schedule, resulting in supply of 50 million standard cubic meters of additional gas from the field," according to ONGC.

The gas produced from some of the wells was diverted to BPB platform located in the same field to reduce the impact of the shut-down of gas supply.

Bassein field is one of the super giant sour gas fields with initial in-place gas reserves of 274 billion cubic meters. It is among the top ten gas-producing fields of the world, producing gas since September 1988.

The field is presently producing around 29 million standard cubic meters per day of sour gas through 47 wells, which are connected to two offshore process complexes - BPA and BPB, which are connected to HBJ pipeline.