Veritas DGC Deploys Force10 in Its Data Processing Centers

Force10 Networks reports that Veritas DGC has deployed the Force10 E1200 in its data processing centers to increase the resiliency and predictable network performance required to provide its suite of integrated geophysical services worldwide. Deploying the Force10 E-Series of switch/routers ensures that Veritas DGC builds into the foundation of its computing clusters the scalability and resiliency that enable advanced new applications for analyzing data.

"Our business is founded on technology and the aggressive pursuit of innovation through ongoing research and development efforts, so our success is determined by the pace at which we introduce technological improvements," said Phil Gaskell, global manager network technologies at Veritas DGC. "Force10's E-Series provides the resiliency and scalability that brings predictable performance and flexibility to our network, enabling us to more effectively provide the information our customers need to explore oil reserves."

Veritas DGC is leveraging Force10's E-Series technology in its Houston, London and Singapore data processing centers to build advanced clusters that provide high fidelity imaging solutions, enabling customers to better enhance drilling and production success worldwide. Deployed and serviced by Prime Business Solutions in the U.K., the E1200 provides scalability that will enable Veritas DGC to expand its exploration services while unmatched resiliency guarantees predictable performance.

"The energy exploration and services vertical market is a natural early adopter of next-generation networking technologies due to reliance on extremely bandwidth-intensive applications," said Todd Hanson, principal analyst with Gartner. "Now that 10 Gigabit Ethernet has proven its value in research and academic environments, rapidly increased interest within large enterprises will soon follow."

The Force10 E1200 scales up to 336 Gigabit Ethernet or twenty-eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis while fully distributed hardware and modular software deliver line-rate throughput across all ports regardless of traffic conditions. The Force10 E-Series also provides enhanced system-based security that protects the Veritas DGC high performance computing clusters from outside attacks seeking to disable the networking infrastructure.

"Veritas DGC combines its innovations in seismic data and exploration techniques with advances in technology to provide its customers with the information they need to develop gas and oil resources," said Michael Augustine, Force10 U.K. country manager. "The Force10 E1200 is the advanced technology Veritas DGC requires to increase resiliency and predictability, taking its service offerings to a new level of sophistication."

Veritas DGC delivers a comprehensive suite of integrated geophysical services to the oil and gas industry, including seismic survey planning and design, seismic data acquisition, data processing, data visualization, data interpretation and reservoir characterization. With four state-of-the-art data visualization centers, Veritas DGC offers multi-disciplinary exploration teams the ability to display and interactively manipulate large volumes of complex 3D seismic data and many different types of geoscientific data.