BioCide International Wins Technology Award

Bio-Cide International was honored with the Hearst Energy Award for Technology for the friendly environmental profile and innovation of its Petro-Flo biocide. The awards ceremony, held at The Midland Center, was host to several companies that earned recognition for outstanding contributions to the domestic Oil & Gas Industry. Petro-Flo biocide is available for use in the North American Oil and Gas Industry exclusively through Cudd Energy Services (CES). Utilizing Petro-Flo biocide, CES is changing the way that the industry looks at Hydraulic Fracturing chemicals.

"As the industry evolves, we continue to strive to find environmentally friendly products that perform better than the status quo," said Clint Walker, Executive Vice President of Operations for CES, "and we are very impressed with the results we've seen from Petro-Flo."

Amid recent concerns of chemicals used in fracing technology, the oil and gas industry has sought out more environmentally friendly
components, and Petro-Flo is especially beneficial. The unique qualities and components of Petro-Flo make it a safer, more effective biocide for use in specific hydraulic fracturing operations.

Petro-Flo is uniquely effective at penetrating and breaking down biofilm and quickly kills a wide range of organisms. The superiority of
this unique chemistry to control sulfate-reducing, acid producing and slime forming bacteria without forming harmful carcinogens has
been proven repeatedly in the laboratory and the field. The active ingredient in Petro-Flo is so safe that: it is used to treat foods; it is an ingredient in mouthwash and eye drops; and is used to disinfect food processing plants and hospital operating rooms. Likewise, the same ingredient that makes Petro-Flo so effective at controlling bacteria in the oilfield is also used to treat billions of gallons of drinking water each and every day.

Bio-Cide Technical Sales Manager Robert Picek noted the importance of having a product such as Petro-Flo that is environmentally friendly, "The talk about chemicals in frac water is a continuous barrage; public concern is on the radar of public domain and regulators…we all drink the water, we all live in communities. None of us want to leave anything but a wonderful world to our kids."

Cudd Energy Services (CES), an affiliate of RPC, an Oil & Gas Services company offers a broad range of technical and specialized oilfield services to companies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas worldwide. Whether utilizing stimulation (fracturing and acidizing), pressure pumping, hydraulic workover (snubbing), coiled tubing, nitrogen, industrial nitrogen, drilling and measurement services or well control services, the professionals at CES will design a solution, provide the engineering, and mobilize the resources required to safely execute a plan.

Bio-Cide International (BCI) has manufactured EPA, FDA and USDA registered disinfectants and biocides for over 35 years. Bio-Cide's
products are based on the company's proprietary chemistry, which is instrumental in the control of microorganisms and biofilms found in
the medical, food, beverage, seafood processing, animal health, water treatment, and oilfield industries.