Cheniere Acquires LNG Terminal Site In Brownsville, Tx

Cheniere Energy Inc. has entered into an agreement with the Port Authority of Brownsville to secure its second LNG terminal site. Cheniere acquired a 3-year option on a 125-acre site within the Port of Brownsville for the purpose of building an LNG terminal. Under the agreement, Cheniere has the right to convert the option into a long-term lease.

Cheniere previously announced plans to acquire three sites on the Texas Gulf Coast to develop LNG receiving terminals and that it had acquired a 3-year option for an initial LNG terminal site in Freeport, Texas. Cheniere believes that in the next decade, LNG could supply the U.S. market with 15 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) or more of natural gas. Current capacity in existing domestic terminals, including expansion, is limited to less than 5 Bcf/d.