Heritage Oil IDs Gas Find in Kurdistan

Heritage Oil Plc provided an update on the Miran West-3 well in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq ("Kurdistan").


  • Testing of a reservoir interval above the main Jurassic reservoir resulted in a flow of up to 17.5 MMscf/d of dry gas
  • Reservoir interval tested is separate from the underlying main Jurassic gas bearing reservoir tested in the Miran West-2 well
  • Following the test, drilling continues to the main Jurassic targets

The Miran West-3 well is currently at a depth of 10,039 feet (3,060 meters) and testing operations of a high pressure reservoir interval encountered above the main Jurassic reservoir have completed. This gas bearing interval is proven to be a separate reservoir from those identified to date within the Miran structure. Technical work is being undertaken to understand further the distribution of this reservoir interval using existing well data and recently processed 3D seismic.

Following testing, drilling has recommenced in order to appraise the main Jurassic reservoir intervals which are the primary targets of this well. Further tests are planned and drilling is expected to be completed within the next month.

"We are delighted to have discovered and flowed gas from this reservoir interval. Drilling continues to the primary targets of the well within the main Jurassic reservoir where a comprehensive test program will be conducted during the remainder of this month," said CEO Tony Buckingham.