Operations at North Sea Tartan Platform to Restart Soon

Anglo-Norwegian oil and gas firm Bridge Energy reported Wednesday that the Tartan and Duart field operator Talisman is working to restart operations on the Tartan platform and has advised that production start has been rescheduled for next weekend (end March).

In accordance with the provisions of the oil sales contract Bridge Energy has commenced oil sales from its Duart field interest in March 2012 with sales volume of 10,000 barrels of oil expected to realize over $120 per barrel. Bridge Energy's crude oil sales contract is based on earlier production schedules and any physical shortfall will get rolled forward as adjustments to future months.
The current sale takes advantage of the strong North Sea crude prices during March 2012.
The extended shutdown on Tartan has enabled completion of a comprehensive work scope which should increase the near term uptime of the facility, said Bridge. The increased host uptime and a period of flush production following the long shut down is expected to partly offset the delayed production volumes.