American Petro-Hunter Ramps Up Production at NOW2H Well

American Petro-Hunter, Inc. updated the status of the NOW2H horizontal well on the Company's leases in Payne County, Oklahoma.

The well has undergone upgrades that included a second frack and the installation of a submersible pump which has resulted in the doubling of the oil production rates. After several days on pump, the well has maintained production of oil at the rate of 30 barrels per day. To date, 550 barrels have been shipped from the well.

The Company's 2nd Horizontal well was initially drilled in 2011 and commenced commercial oil and gas production in November at the North Oklahoma Mississippi Lime Project. A period of commercial testing and evaluation was undertaken and production data was assessed and evaluated from the lateral penetration of the Mississippi limestone formation ("Mississippi Lime"). The well had a much shorter lateral arm of 416 feet due to drilling complications as compared to the recently completed NOM3H at 1,980 feet of horizontal length that had an initial production (I.P. rate) of 236 bpd. It was subsequently determined to re-stimulate NOW2H in order to improve overall well performance.

The stimulation was undertaken in February and the results of I.P. rates at 36 bpd and 45 Mcf of gas are an early indicator of the enhanced condition of the well. The Company and engineers are looking for a higher stable rate although removal of the frack load is estimated to continue for the next two weeks. Upon completion of this final hurdle, the Company looks forward to determining the well's full production capability.

Company President Robert McIntosh stated, "The re-stimulation of the NOW2H well and the resulting increase in production rates is an excellent indicator of a future outcome completely in line with the engineering estimates. As the lateral arm is only one fifth of our nearby productive well, an analog target of 60 bpd is completely relevant to the current I.P. rates as seen at the NOM3H. As the frack load is reduced and the oil cut increases, we believe our earlier targeted rates will be achieved."