Breitling Begins HZ Well Program in Oklahoma

Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation has spud the Breitling-Warrior #1H on March 19, 2012 in Pottawatomie County, OK. The Breitling-Warrior #1H is the first exploratory well in a possible six horizontal well drilling program on Breitling's leased acreage.

The major objective in the Breitling-Warrior #1H is the Hunton Chimney Hill Limestone at 4000 feet, total vertical depth. Secondary objectives include the Woodford Shale at 3800 feet and the Earlsboro Sand at 3600 feet. This initial test well will be drilled horizontally in the Hunton Chimney Hill. The Breitling-Warrior #1H will have a total vertical depth of 4000 feet and a total measured depth of 6300 feet.

Regionally the Chimney Hill Limestone has produced since the 1920's. Overall, the Chimney Hill has been a marginal producer in vertical wells due to its physical characteristics. The Chimney Hill is comprised of basal oolites grading upward into fractured chert and dolomite. Modern day logs illustrate the interval as fractured rock holding resistive fluids within those fractures.

Management anticipates the well will reach total depth in about 17 days. Well completion and testing should begin during the last week of April.

Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "New horizontal drilling techniques have allowed the Chimney Hill to become a profitable reservoir target since horizontal drilling allows the well bore to cross multiple fractures within the reservoir thereby increasing recoverable reserves." Faulkner added, "This play is heating up in the area and we are excited about our extensive acreage holdings."