Big Sky Petroleum Reaches TD at Midboe 4-3 Science Well

The Midboe 4-3 Science Well has been drilled to total depth, according to Big Sky Petroleum Corporation. The well was drilled to determine the reservoir characteristics of the Bakken and Three Forks formations. The well was intended to determine the prospectiveness of the eastern flank of the Kevin Dome and the information will be included in our revised geological model, which will determine our future geographic area of interest.

The 81-4 Well, located in Glacier County, Montana, is expected to receive permitting approval in 2Q. The Company plans to drill a 4,500-foot pilot hole to test the Middle Bakken. Based upon results of the vertical test, a 3,500-foot horizontal leg is planned for the Middle Bakken. Frac design, stimulation and completion programs will be concluded after all well data has been processed and evaluated.

The Somont 14-29 Well is still being tested and evaluated. The evaluation from this well will determine the horizontal drilling and completion program for the Somont 15-13 Well, which has been drilled vertically and awaiting completion.

Bill Stelzer, Big Sky's Senior Geologist, commented "we continue to be optimistic with our results. We have encountered oil saturated formations in our objective targets and we are awaiting a complete engineering evaluation of the 14-29 horizontal well bore."