AWE Sets N. Perth Basin Fracking for June 2012

AWE Limited (via its wholly owned subsidiaries) advises that Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd has confirmed the availability of equipment to AWE for the hydraulic fracture stimulation of three wells in the onshore North Perth Basin. This program is scheduled to commence in June 2012.

Halliburton has confirmed that it will mobilize its hydraulic stimulation equipment to the Perth Basin following completion of its current program of work in eastern Australia, with final timing for the delivery of equipment subject to weather and completion of operations.

The AWE three well program includes the testing of two shale gas wells, Woodada Deep-1, located in production license L5 and operated by AWE, and Arrowsmith-2, located in exploration permit EP 413 and operated by Norwest Energy NL together with the tight gas well, Senecio-2, located in production licenses L1/L2 and operated by AWE. The three wells have been drilled and site preparations are well advanced at each location.

The work program at Woodada Deep-1 and Arrowsmith-2 has been designed to test the gas production potential for shales within three formations – Kockatea, Carynginia and Irwin River Coal Measures in the Perth Basin, where a significant potential resource has been identified from existing well and seismic data in the basin.

At Senecio-2, AWE plans to test the potential for improved productivity from the Wagina/Dongara tight gas reservoir, which initially flowed in excess of 1 million cubic feet of gas per day during unstimulated testing.

The participants in L5 (Woodada Deep-1) are:

  • AWE Limited (via subsidiaries) (Operator) 100%
  • The participants in L1/L2 (Senecio-2) are:
  • AWE Limited (via subsidiaries) (Operator) 50%
  • Origin Energy Limited 50%

The participants in EP 413 are:

  • AWE Limited (via subsidiaries) 44.252%
  • Norwest Energy NL (Operator) 27.945%
  • Bharat PetroResources Ltd 27.803%