Nostra Terra Confirms 'Several Pay Zones' at Ok. Prospect

Nostra Terra announced that drilling has been completed on its initial vertical pilot well in the Bale Creek prospect, located in Oklahoma. Nostra Terra has a 30% working interest in the Bale Creek prospect and all wells.

Hydrocarbons have been confirmed in multiple pay zones, as anticipated, and the most attractive of the several zones has been identified. The first horizontal well will be drilled in this promising formation.

Following the drilling of the initial vertical pilot well, a full suite of logs was run to thoroughly evaluate the potential productivity of each of several zones. Additionally, a sophisticated sonic log was run. It will enable the creation a synthetic seismogram to further calibrate the proprietary 3-D seismic, previously shot. As a result the operator will be better able to steer and avoid geo-hazards in each of the horizontal wells to be drilled in the prospect.

A large enough drilling pad was built for both the pilot well and the first horizontal well in the prospect. With the pilot well now finished and evaluated, the rig is being mobilized to drill the first horizontal well.

Matt Lofgran, Chief Executive Officer of Nostra Terra, commented, "I am pleased to announce that our inaugural drilling in Oklahoma has confirmed several pay zones at the Bale Creek project. Our next step is to commence drilling the horizontal well, which will follow swiftly. This is the company's first of several prospects in Oklahoma. We are very excited about our future activities in the State going forward. These will include the Bale Creek and Warrior Prospects, as well as the execution of our own play, all in Oklahoma.

Alden McCall, Chief Operating Officer of Nostra Terra added, "We are set on the course of drilling where we can simultaneously reduce exploration risk and maximize recovery through the application of horizontal drilling and completions. To reach this goal, we are focused on those areas where outstanding results to vertical exploration were repeatedly found. Several parts of Oklahoma are rich in the characteristics that can be readily leveraged to our advantage. There a many oil and liquids-rich gas reservoirs that are stacked one-upon-the-other, a fertile database of geologic and engineering data, a constructive regulatory environment and readily available oil field services. Participation in multiple programs with other operators also bolsters our independent efforts to acquire and/or internally develop plays."